Meguiars 2-Step Wax $119.99

A compound and polish to help remove swirl marks, moderate scratches and water spots.. (Requires purchase of an Exterior Car Wash)

Headlight Cleaning $79.99

Since 1990, most vehicles come equipped with clear plastic headlight lenses. Exposure to the sun's UV rays, vehicle exhaust, and road debris can yellow and cloud the lenses. Additionally, many lenses utilize a thin protective laminate surface-coating which is also susceptible to deterioration over time— sometimes in as quickly as 2–3 years. Conventional cleanings will not reverse lens deterioration. This service will restore your headlight lenses.

Pet Hair Removal $59.99

Buy rubbing a piece of coral over your carpeted surfaces; we remove all pet hair from your vehicle.

Odor Elimination Treatment  $59.99

This service doesn't mask the odor, it removes it. The interior of your vehicle is sanitized while the circulation system is disinfected, neutralizing stubborn odors lingering deep inside your car.

Hand Waxing  $39.99

The Hoffman Hand Wax helps protect your vehicle's finish from damaging elements in the environment like the sun and rain. A high-quality wax is applied with a soft foam pad on all painted exterior surfaces, restoring color while protecting your vehicle's finish. (Requires purchase of an Exterior Car Wash)

Carpet Cleaning View on YouTube$59.99

There's no better way to get rid of deep carpet and mat stains than the Hoffman Carpet Cleaning Service. Your carpets are deep-cleaned using soft-bristle power scrubbers and a powerful hot water extractor. A fabric protector is also applied to help prevent future stains which leaves your vehicle smelling fresh and looking great. 

Two Step Surface Cleaning  $49.99

With this service, our professional detailers work to clean and condition all of the vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces inside your vehicle, except for the seats, leaving the surfaces looking like new.

Clay Service $59.99

By rubbing all painted surfaces of your vehicle with a specially designed automotive clay bar, we remove dirt and other particles embedded in the paint. This service is the best way to get a perfectly smooth surface and is the recommended first step of our Hoffman Hand Wax service. (Requires purchase of an Exterior Car Wash).  

Seat Cleaning $39.99

For leather seats or fabric, no other detailing service cares for your seats better. Your vehicle's leather and vinyl seats are cleaned and conditioned by our expert detailers while fabric seats are scrubbed and deep-cleaned with a hot water upholstery extractor. Single seat cleaning $10.00 each.

Nanoskin Surface Cleaner $49.99

Advance rubber polymers remove overspray and dirt embedded in the surface of your paint. A great first step to our Hand Waxing Service. (Requires purchase of an Exterior Car Wash).

Interior Supreme $29.99


Unlimited Customers Receive a 15% Discount on Express Detail Services


NOTE: Some services require the purchase of a car wash.Suv Charge May apply